Oval Bowl Cherry 10in

Spencer Peterman
Item: 322-10

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  • Approximately 10" / 28 cm diameter at the widest point
  • Cherry wood with irregular edge.
  • Care: Hand wash with mild soap and water. Dry off with a towel.
  • Do not place in dish washer or submerge in water.
  • Apply mineral oil or Spencer Peterman Bowl and Board Conditioner once a month to maintain the beauty of the wood.

Designer: Spencer Peterman

Spencer Peterman's cherry bowls feature warm, richly colored cherry wood with defined wood grain and a beautifully smooth finish. Spencer Peterman bowls are kiln dried to 6% moisture content to stabilize and prevent future cracking and checking. They then apply their own food-safe finish to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Treated with beeswax and mineral oil, the bowls are food safe and make a beautiful addition to any space. Ideal for serving or decorative use.