Aalto 8.75 inch Vase in Clear

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Height: 8.75" / 22.2 cm
Materials: Glass
Color: Clear
Hand wash only
Manufactured at Iittala glass factory

Designer: Alvar Aalto
Design legend Alvar Aalto combined simple design with a craftsman’s expertise to create iconic pieces of home design that blend form and function. Inspired by the natural beauty of his native Finland’s landscape, Aalto’s asymmetrical waves have been a timeless symbol of Scandinavian design since winning the 1937 Paris World Fair. Each unique Aalto glass vase goes through a multi-step production process at the Iittala Glass Factory. The crystal is mouthblown then the pieces are hand cut before going through several polishings. The tall vase showcases long-stemmed flower bouquets beautifully while its clear colour makes this decorative vase a versatile part of any home décor.